Thursday, September 20, 2012

Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership Annual Meeting

The 2012 annual NIIPP meeting will be held at the Morton Arboretum September 27th in  concert with the Chicago Wilderness Natural Resource Management Team meeting.

Learn about what NIIPP has accomplish in the last year and network with local partners.  Learn about what the future hold for the Illinois Wildlife Invasive Species Campaign with Chris Evans as the new coordinator and how NIIPP will be involved.

For more information or to RSVP your attendance, contact Cathy at:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Japanese Stilt Grass found in McHenry County

On August 24th a Japanese stilt grass population was confirmed growing in a natural area in McHenry County.  This is the most northern population in Illinois that I am aware of and extremely concerning given the next closest known population is in Will County.  Partners, land owners, stewards and recreationists need to be aware of this species and alert for the presence of other populations in our region.  Please report any populations you think might be Japanese stilt grass.  This species, an annual grass, can spread very quickly via seed and establishes dense populations in floodplaines, wetlands and other seasonally wet areas.  Now is the time to stop the spread of Japanese stilt grass into northern Illinois.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cooperative Control of Flowering Rush in DuPage County

In 2009 a Forest Preserve District of DuPage County volunteer steward found the invasive species flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus) — a species on the New Invaders Watch List — along Spring Brook Creek, an approximate 4-mile-long tributary of the West Branch of the DuPage River that flows through  the 1,849-acre Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve in Naperville. This was the only known population in DuPage County and one of only two populations in Illinois. District staff determined the invasive species’ population originated at a shopping center upstream from Springbrook Prairie. Flowering rush has also been found upstream of the forest preserve near a Naperville Park District property and downstream in Will County.
The District implemented a control program at Springbrook Prairie and worked with the Naperville Park District on a program to remove the invasive species. To support the existing program, the Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership has granted funding that has enabled the District to implement a multisite program to achieve control of the entire population on both private and public lands. Partnering with NIIPP, Naperville Park District and the shopping center has allowed the District to successfully implement the invasive species control project.
In June 2012, the District’s contractors will selectively herbicide flowering rush populations at Springbrook Square Shopping Center and Naperville Park District properties and Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve. Most applications will be limited to aquatic and shoreline areas.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Japanese stiltgrass Control is underway in Will County

Will County Forest Preserve District, the Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP), Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Tallgrass Restoration are all working together to complete control of the first known population of Japanese stiltgrass in the Chicago Region, in Will County.

NIIPP is coordinating the control project and has committed funds towards completing the control efforts, Tallgrass Restoration is leading the crew on the ground to complete control efforts on private property, IDNR is contributing summer interns to help complete the control efforts, Will County FP is completing control work on their land and is providing some of the equipment for the interns to help complete the control work.

This is a great example of NIWP/NIIPP partners working together to contain and control a New Invaders target species population on private and public lands.

Thanks to everyone involved for you diligence and willingness to help make this control effort happen!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Japanese Chaff Flower Alert

Japanese Chaff Flower Alert for Illinois - Keep an eye out for this species in floodplain forests and riverbanks!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Japanese stiltgrass alert for Illinois

Please share this alert with people across the Chicago region as a reminder to keep a look out for Japanese stiltgrass this coming growing season.